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On some special classes of contact B0-VPG graphs


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  • 2019
Published in:
  • Discrete Applied Mathematics. - Elsevier BV. - 2019, vol. 308, p. 111-129
English A graph G is a B0-VPG graph if one can associate a horizontal or vertical path on a rectangular grid with each vertex such that two vertices are adjacent if and only if the corresponding paths intersect in at least one grid-point. A graph G is a contact B0-VPG graph if it is a B0-VPG graph admitting a representation with no one-point paths, no two paths crossing, and no two paths sharing an edge of the grid. In this paper, we present a minimal forbidden induced subgraph characterisation of contact B0-VPG graphs within four special graph classes: chordal graphs, tree-cographs, P4-tidy graphs and P5-free graphs. Moreover, we present a polynomial-time algorithm for recognising chordal contact B0-VPG graphs.
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