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Synthesis and structural analysis of polynuclear silver(I) complexes with 4,7-phenanthroline

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  • Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society. - 2019, vol. 84, no. 7, p. 689–699
English New polynuclear silver(I) complexes, [Ag(CF3SO3)(4,7-phen)(CH3CN)]n (1) and [Ag(PO2F2)(4,7-phen)]n (2), were synthesized by the reaction of 4,7-phenanthroline (4,7-phen) and the corresponding AgX salt (X = CF3SO3 - and PF6 -) in 1:2 mole ratio, respectively, in methanol/acetone (1:1 volume ratio) at room temperature. The characterization of the complexes was established on the basis of elemental microanalysis, IR and NMR (1H and 13C) spectroscopic techniques, while their crystal structures were determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. The results of spectroscopic and crystallographic analyses revealed that in these complexes, 4,7- phen behaves as a bridging ligand between two metal ions, while the remaining coordination sites of the Ag(I) ions are occupied by the oxygen atom of CF3SO3 - and an acetonitrile nitrogen atom in 1 or by two oxygen atoms from two PO2F2 -, formed after hydrolysis of PF6 -, in 2. In the solid state, both complexes are coordination polymers in which the geometry around the Ag(I) ions is distorted tetrahedral.
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