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On Split B1-EPG Graphs

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  • Lecture Notes in Computer Science. - 2018, vol. 10807, p. 361-375
English We consider the following problem: can a certain graph parameter of some given graph G be reduced by at least d, for some integer d, via at most k graph operations from some specified set S, for some given integer k? As graph parameters we take the chromatic number and the clique number. We let the set S consist of either an edge contraction or a vertex deletion. As all these problems are NP-complete for general graphs even if d is fixed, we restrict the input graph G to some special graph class. We continue a line of research that considers these problems for subclasses of perfect graphs, but our main results are full classifications, from a computational complexity point of view, for graph classes characterized by forbidding a single induced connected subgraph H.
Faculté des sciences économiques et sociales et du management
Département d'informatique
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