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Les banquets-sigma et les représentations de Jésus devant Ponce-Pilate comme exemples d'une compétition iconographique ?


  • 2023
Published in:
  • RACTA II 2021: Ricerche di Archeologia Cristiana,Tarda Antichità e Alto Medioevo II. Colloquio Internazionale tra dottorandi e dottori di ricerca: Roma, 1-3 febbraio 2021 / D. Benoci, D. Lombardo, F. Tagliatesta (eds.). - 2023, p. 28-34
English This paper proposes the analysis of late antique Christian iconography through the
study of two iconographic schemes: the banquet-sigma and the representations of Jesus before
Pontius Pilate. Each of these schemes testifies in its own way to a dynamic of iconographic
creation, a visual strategy, nourished by the shared knowledge of images that the population of
Late Antiquity had independently of its religious affiliation. Conducted under the filter of
religious competition, this study shows that late antique images were shifting and that their
motifs conveyed meanings that different religious groups could appropriate to convey their
message. Amongst the important changes in Late Antiquity such as the establishment of new
religious categories and hierarchies, images played a role and we will explore through this
lens the notion of iconographic competition.
Faculté des lettres et des sciences humaines
Département d'histoire
  • French
Religion, theology
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