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Effects of a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Training Course on the Development Teachers’ Competences : A Systematic Review


  • 01.05.2023
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  • Education Sciences. - MDPI AG. - 2023, vol. 13, no. 5, p. 466
English The aim of the study was to analyze the effects of a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) training course on the competence development of teachers working in inclusive classrooms. This model provides a useful framework to address this issue, establishing evidence-based guidelines for creating learning environments that meet the needs of all learners. The move towards inclusive education requires teachers to reassess their pedagogical practices by considering the contributions of neuroscience and cognitive psychology to support effective teaching in heterogeneous classrooms. Consequently, teacher training should include, in its curricula, practices and evidence that support teachers to develop skills for working in inclusive contexts. The study aimed to answer the main research question, namely, how effective the UDL approach is in developing teachers’ skills. To answer this question, a systematic review was conducted in different databases allowing the extraction and the analysis of 12 studies. Results were organized around the four dimensions linked to the model of the European Profile of Inclusive Teacher (PIT). Outcomes of the review highlighted three main findings: 1. a UDL training course has significant effects on students’ diversity valuing skills; 2. the effectiveness of the course appears to be independent of its duration, delivery mode, and the type of teachers to whom it is addressed; 3. UDL training fosters the implementation of accessible lesson planning and implementation skills. Still uncertain or unexplored, however, are the effects on teachers’ areas of collaboration and reflective practice.
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