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Problématique passion : les catégories du changement selon Alexandre d’Aphrodise : En particulier dans la traduction de la “Question" I,21


  • 2019
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  • Qu’est-ce qu’une catégorie? Interprétations d’Aristote . - Louvain-la-Neuve, Peeters. - 2019, p. 261-314
English Categories play a structuring role in both the metaphysics and physics of Alexander of Aphrodisias. In this domain, many specialists have revealed the importance of the Exegete’s contributions to the Aristotelian doctrine of categories of change, i.e. the classification of changes that associates transport or local movement (φορά) with the category “where”, growth and reduction (αὔξησις / φθίσις) with “how much”, alteration (ἀλλοίωσις) with “qualified”, and generation and corruption (γένεσις / φθορά) with substance. In this work I review the doctrine as comprehensively as possible with a view to highlighting one aspect that has gone unnoticed: the strategies put in place by Alexander to deal with the problematic positions of the categories “act” and “suffer” (or “passion”) in relation to movement. The first two sections of the article, which focus on the logical status of the categories of change and the criteria used by Alexander to reduce them to four, reveal signs of a “problem of passion” in the texts concerned. In the final two sections, I return to Question I,21, a document which I believe, far from being corrupted, as some specialists have argued, offers an attempted response to this problem. The annexe provides a French translation of this text.
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