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Human-centered Democratic Innovations with Digital and Participatory Elements


  • 2021
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  • DG.O2021: The 22nd Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research. - ACM. - 2021, p. 227-233
English This paper discusses digital and/or participatory elements that could be used in decision-making processes, such as a participatory bud- geting process. It contributes to the discussion about innovations in democracy. Placing humans at the center of governance, we argue that innovative elements should be evaluated by addressing the topic from the perspective of what is “good” for human beings? The process is good for them if it achieves goals like legitimacy and connection. We identify design of decision-making, participatory elements, and the value of personal interaction as levers. Regard- ing design of decision making, we discuss voting mechanisms, the combination of different decisions, and interdependent decisions in terms of each voter’s choice optimality. In terms of participation, we see potential for blocked situations, for self-organized or requested (opt-in) participation, and for urgent or uncertain situations. Third, we emphasize the value of coming together in reality, and suggest thinking about combining digital and physical elements in a useful way. Technical aspects, power, and the existing institutional setting are identified as restrictions, and research into the effects of all these elements on the dependent variables, such as legitimacy and connection, is needed.
Faculté des sciences économiques et sociales et du management
  • English
Information, communication and media sciences
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