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Secession in federal systems: voice versus exit


  • 03.01.2023
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  • Teaching Federalism: Multidimensional Approaches / Kincaid, John ; Leckrone, Wesley J.. - 2023, p. 176-186
English History teaches that where there is federalism, there is also separatism. A presentation of federalism should therefore include secessionism, its long and controversial history as well as the many open questions surrounding it to this day. Given that the legal grounds for claims of secession remain ambiguous under international law, teaching and studying the topic is both challenging and fascinating. Case studies play a particularly important role and illustrate how countries around the world deal with separatism. While some constitutions prohibit secession and others allow it under strict conditions, many deal with claims for secession by federalizing the country or granting autonomy to a region or groups of people. Federalism and the granting of internal self-determination is therefore used to accommodate secessionist movements and claims for external self-determination. A successful student of secessionism is able to put into context separatist claims, to assess their legal grounds, and to explore alternatives in the context of federalism.
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