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Describing and understanding changes in learning practices during a COVID-19 lockdown


  • 2022
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  • Impacts of COVID-19 pandemic’s distance learning on students and teachers in schools and in higher education / Burgsteiner, Harald ; Krammer, Georg. - 2022, p. 35-58
English This chapter presents the results of exploratory qualitative research (n = 19) exploring the transformations of learning practices as experienced by learners at each level of education, from primary to university, during the first lockdown due to COVID-19 in canton Fribourg in Switzerland. The concept of a personal learning environment underpins the theoretical approach used to describe learning practices. These practices are depicted with theoretically based categories describing the learning practice and representing it visually as a system. This method makes it possible to compare the practices of different learners or those of the same learner over time. The transformations described in this way are related to teachers’ changes in the design of the learning environment and learners’ perceptions of these changes. Beyond the diversity of learning practices, research results highlight how a rapid transition from one learning environment to another may be either a risk leading to the deterioration of learning practices or an opportunity to develop new learning practices and projects, depending on students’ self-regulation. In conclusion, the contributions of this research in terms of methodology will be presented, making visible and understanding the transformations of learning practices and avenues to support the management of transitions in learning environments.
  • English
Education, teaching
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