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The Prospect of Dimensionality in Porous Semiconductors


  • 25.01.2021
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  • Chemistry – A European Journal. - Wiley. - 2021, vol. 27, no. 27, p. 7489-7501
English With the advent of silicon-based semiconductors, a plethora of previously unknown technologies became possible. The development of lightweight low-dimensional organic
semiconductors followed soon after. However, the efficient charge/electron transfers enabled by the non-porous 3D structure of silicon is rather challenging to be realized by their (metal-)organic counterparts. Nevertheless, the demand for lighter, more efficient semiconductors is steadily increasing resulting in a growing interest in (metal-)organic semiconductors. These novel materials are faced with a variety of challenges originating from their chemical design, their packing and crystallinity. Although the effect of molecular design is quite well understood, the influence of dimensionality and the associated change in properties (porosity, packing, conjugation) is still an uncharted area in (metal-)organic semiconductors, yet highly important for their practical utilization. In this Minireview, an overview on the design and synthesis of porous semiconductors, with a particular emphasis on organic semiconductors, is presented and the influence of dimensionality is discussed.
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