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An empirical pilot in assessing student teachers' biography and instructional beliefs


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  • Electronic Proceedings of the ESERA 2019 Conference. The beauty and pleasure of understanding : engaging with contemporary challenges through science education. - 2020, p. 1749-1756
English Switzerland is undergoing a curricular change. Curriculum 21 has been ratified by all 21 German-speaking and is currently being implemented. With this innovation, German-speaking Switzerland will move toward a more technology-oriented education. What has been Manual Training or Wood/ Metalwork Classes is now replaced by composite subjects such as Nature and Technology. These subjects now structurally anchor technology-oriented content at the compulsory school level (Stuber, Heitzmann, & Käser, 2013) and are supposed to be implemented in the sense of the Anglo-Saxon concept of Science – Technology – Society – Environment (Labudde, 2012, p. 86). The technology orientation includes an instructional orientation toward a technical understanding or understanding technology, which, eo ipso, needs to be part of teacher education programs (Keller, 2017). To put things bluntly: Who else than technology/ technics-oriented teachers should teach technology and technics? Yet, technics or technology is not explicitly part of their initial studies, perhaps because in “the mandatory school, i.e. K-12, there is no specific subject ‘Technology’, but there is a subject called ‘Textile and Technical Design’” (Kruse & Labudde, 2016, p. 62). Therefore, student teachers may at the most specialize in textile and technical design or in information technology/ computer science and teach technics and technology in an integrated way. But what are factors they would consider to impede tech instruction? In other words: What are factors that hinder high quality technology instruction by means of teacher beliefs? In this presentation we will give insights to a quantitative exploratory study.
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