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Une séquence didactique pour favoriser les liens entre texte et grammaire


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  • Gramatica e Texto : Interações e aplicação ao ensino. - 2021, p. 335-349
English The first part of this paper defines notions of text, processes involved in writing and text genre as a tool for the teaching of writing as well as a way to link the latter with grammar learning. The author presents a didactic sequence articulating grammar and writing, used in her doctoral research (Marmy Cusin, 2012) and experimented by four teachers at primary level in French-speaking Switzerland. The last part of the paper presents some of the significant results of this research: authors’ texts and pupils’ texts are at the heart of practices observed. The textual notion studied here (cohesive relations) is not easy to conceptualize at primary level and requires an important mediation role on the part of the teachers. The teaching of grammar is scarcely visible in these articulated practices: the teaching of writing takes over the teaching of grammar. The author argues that it is both necessary to maintain the teaching of explicit grammar and to integrate it to wider language proficiency through the use of articulated practices such as the didactic sequence proposed in this research.
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