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Une didactique des langues étrangères ciblant l’acquisition des formes phonologiques peut sans doute être profitable à tous les élèves

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  • Babylonia: Journal of Language Education. - 2021, no. 2, p. 96-103
English The comparison of the effect of two targeted teaching methods on the acquisition of phonological representations of French as a foreign language by three dyslexic pupils showed that these pupils were able to benefit from targeted teaching, even for the acquisition of procedural representations. Targeted implicit teaching taught in an action-oriented communicative method enabled the observed dyslexic pupils to improve their ability to discriminate and maintain verbal information in working memory, as well as their receptive vocabulary, in the same way as focus-form explicit teaching. However, explicit instruction was more conducive to learning pronunciation for the dyslexic pupils observed.
Faculté des lettres et des sciences humaines
Département de plurilinguisme et didactique des langues étrangères
  • French
Language, linguistics
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