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Critique textuelle et critique littéraire en 2 Samuel 6,2 : une généalogie des témoins textuels

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  • Biblica. - 2016, no. 97, p. 440-453
English 2 Sam 6:2 raises both textual and literary questions. On the textual level, no witness provides the original reading, since all the readings are the result of a literary development. However, the LXX of 2 sam 6:2 is later than the MT since it depends partially upon it. The reading of 4Qsama does not depend upon the MT of 2 Sam 6:2. Instead, it may have originated from the MT of 1 Chr 13:6 with which it shares literary concerns. Moreover, the presence of the name Baal in a verse concerning the ark of God may explain textual changes not only in the MT but also in the LXX.
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