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"Le Lieu que YHWH aura choisi" : Une perspective narrative, historique et philologique

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  • Semitica. - 2016, no. 58, p. 115-134
English The expression « the place that YHWH has chosen / will choose », found in Deut 12-26 and 31, is studied in the narrative, historical and philological perspectives. Each separate approach is limited, but taken together, they lead toward the conclusion that the place is not yet chosen. In any case, the choice of YHWH should precede the building of an altar or a sanctuary by the people. However, the common verbal form to express such an idea is a qatal form (= בחר). These observations lead first to the understanding of the expression as : « the place that YHWH will have chosen », and second to the conclusion that exclusive readings of both sides are late.
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