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Marvelous Women of Prophecy in the Narrative Strategies of Herodotus’s Histories and Luke-Acts

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  • NTOA - Novum testamentum et orbis antiquus. - 2019, vol. 121, p. 423-455
English In the Greek historiographical tradition, Herodotus and Saint Luke stand out in a few ways from historians of their times. One way is their inclusion of women in their histories, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Another way is their substantial inclusion of the divine sphere as a part of their descriptions of human history. This essay then explores the link between these two interests: women and the divine. Due to the considerable amount of material, this analysis will pay special attention to the narrative significance of women and prophecy in the initial logoi in the Histories and Luke-Acts. Indeed, these two interests were shared by Herodotus and Luke: the roles of women and the role of the divine in human history. I will try to put the two together and finally consider how they intersect in history.
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