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The Architecture of the Armenian Church and Convent

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  • The Armenian Church of Famagusta and the Complexity of Cypriot Heritage. / Walsh, Michael J.K.. - 2017, p. 143–167
English The church is modest in size, of a simple typology—a single, short nave with an apse—and only sparsely decorated with sculpted elements. However, the elegance of the edifice as well as the high technical quality of the executed masonry testifies for the intended sophistication of the building. The most important observation is the apparent accordance of the overall style with other churches of diverse denominational groups within medieval Famagusta. At the same time, only very general links with the tradition of Armenian Church architecture elsewhere can be attested. Thus, the first part of the chapter is a detailed discussion of the relation of the Armenian Church to the other churches of the city as well as to Crusader period architecture in the Levant. The second part of the chapter will then be devoted to the investigation of the today vanished buildings that used to surround the church: a second chapel, once adjoining the present church to the north, and the presumed monastic enclosure.
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