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The bright side of sound: perspectives on the biomedical application of sonoluminescence

  • Canaparo, Roberto Department of Drug Science and Technology - University of Torino - 10125 Torino - Italy
  • Foglietta, Federica Department of Molecular Biotechnology and Health Sciences - University of Torino - 10126 Torino - Italy
  • Giuntini, Francesca School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences - Liverpool John Moores University - Liverpool L3 2AJ - UK
  • Francovich, Andrea Institut de Physiologie - Université de Fribourg - 1770 Fribourg - Switzerland
  • Serpe, Loredana Department of Drug Science and Technology - University of Torino - 10125 Torino - Italy
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Published in:
  • Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences. - 2020, vol. 19, no. 9, p. 1114–1121
English Light is a physical phenomenon that is very important to human life, and has been investigated in its nature, behaviour and properties throughout human history although the most impressive improvements in the use of light in human activities, and of course in medicine, began just two centuries ago. However, despite the enormous progress in diagnosis, therapy and surgery to assess health and treat diseases, the delivery of light sources in vivo remains a challenge. In this regard, several strategies have been developed to overcome this drawback, the most interesting of which is the involvement of ultrasound. In this review, the authors examine how ultrasound may improve light delivery in vivo with a special emphasis on one of the most intriguing ultrasound-mediated phenomena called sonoluminescence, which is the conversion of mechanical ultrasound energy into light.
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