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Fish, amphibian and reptilian assemblage from the middle Miocene locality Gračanica—Bugojno palaeolake, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Vasilyan, Davit JURASSICA Museum, Route de Fontenais 21, 2900 Porrentruy, Switzerland - Université de Fribourg, Chemin de Musée 6, 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland
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  • Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments. - 2020, vol. 100, no. 2, p. 437–455
English This paper presents the first fossil fish, amphibian and reptilian fauna from Bosnia and Herzegovina Dinarides. The fauna of ectothermic vertebrates of the Bugojno palaeolake, dated to 15.2–14.0 Ma, composes of killifishes (Cyprinodontiformes indet.), a barb (Barbini indet. (aff. Barbus), a crocodile newt (Chelotriton sp.), a painted frog (Latonia sp.) and a crocodile (Alligatoroidea indet. [?Diplocynodon]). The crocodile remains are confined to the lower part of the section corresponding to the swamp deposit (unit 1). The remaining fauna, which includes fishes and amphibians, come from the upper lacustrine unit 2. A possible Barbus (Barbini indet. (aff. Barbus)) could represent one of the oldest fossil records of the genus found in Europe, which composes of skeletal elements and pharyngeal teeth. The crocodile newt (Chelotriton sp.) represents the first record of this group from the area. For the first time, fossil tadpoles of the genus Latonia are described in this paper, which, moreover, are the first record of tadpole for both the family Discoglossidae and clade of discoglossoid frogs. The crocodile remains, identified as Alligatoroidea indet., should belong to the genus Diplocynodon, which will be tested later on a better preserved material. The fossils, coming from the lacustrine interval, are referred to the deeper water facies. Taphonomic observations of the fossil remains suggest relatively short phase of decay of the animal bodies and their (probably quick) sedimentation in the deeper parts of the lake, with poor oxygen content.
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