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Gut und Böse in den Weltgerichtsbildern der royalen Kirchenstiftungen des mittelserbischen Reiches

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  • Iconographica. Rivista di iconografia medievale e moderna. - 2018, vol. 17, p. 47-65
English The aim of this article is to analyze the representation of the Last Judgment in five royal church foundations of medieval Serbia dating from the 13th and 14th century under the powerful dynasty of the Nemanjia, and to contribute to its interpretation by bringing into focus the meaningful visualization of “the righteous” and “the condemned”. Although the treatment of the composition is in keeping with Byzantine images of the Last Judgment, the representations in the Serbian churches demonstrate a great deal of flexibility in depicting the righteous and the condemned. Depending on donors and audiences, the composition includes different motives. Not only the concrete hopes for the hereafter are integrated, but also actuality, propaganda and self-presentation are communicated.
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