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Initiated by CREB: resolving gene regulatory programs in learning and memory: switch in cofactors and transcription regulators between memory consolidation and maintenance network

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  • BioEssays. - 2019, vol. 41, no. 8, p. 1900045
English Consolidation of long‐term memory is a highly and precisely regulated multistep process. The transcription regulator cAMP response element‐binding protein (CREB) plays a key role in initiating memory consolidation. With time processing, first the cofactors are changed and, secondly, CREB gets dispensable. This ultimately changes the expressed gene program to genes required to maintain the memory. Regulation of memory consolidation also requires epigenetic mechanisms and control at the RNA level. At the neuronal circuit level, oscillation in the activity of CREB and downstream factor define engram cells. Together the combination of all regulation mechanisms allows correct memory processing while keeping the process dynamic and flexible to adjust to different contexts.
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