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The Thomistic Doctrine of the Triune God and Spiritual Life

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  • Nova et Vetera (English Edition). - 2014, vol. 12, p. 1281-1303
English Doing Theology with Thomas Aquinas means entering in possession of some fundamental theological and philosophical positions that lead to acquire not only a set of doctrines but a specific attitude, a mentality, a disposition that shapes both thought and action. This essay deals with four aspects: (1) the practice of Trinitarian theology as a spiritual exercise; (2) prayer and purification of the mind in doing Trinitarian theology; (3) the doctrine of the Word and Love, and the imago Dei as an imitation of God’s immanent acts; (4) the meaning of preaching within the metaphysical doctrine of participated causality (“imitation” of God). The first three deal with the distinct persons of the Trinity, while the fourth concerns what is common to them.
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Département des Sciences de la foi et des religions, Philosophie
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Religion, theology
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