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Ciliary neurotrophic factor stimulates cardioprotection and the proliferative activity in the adult zebrafish heart

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  • npj Regenerative Medicine. - 2019, vol. 4, no. 1, p. 2
English Unlike mammals, adult zebrafish can regenerate their hearts after injury via proliferation of cardiomyocytes. The cell-cycle entry of zebrafish cardiac cells can also be stimulated through preconditioning by thoracotomy, a chest incision without myocardial damage. To identify effector genes of heart preconditioning, we performed transcriptome analysis of ventricles from thoracotomized zebrafish. This intervention led to enrichment of cardioprotective factors, epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition genes, matrix proteins and components of LIFR/gp130 signaling. We identified that inhibition of the downstream signal transducer of the LIFR/gp130 pathway through treatment with Ruxolitinib, a specific JAK1/2 antagonist, suppressed the cellular effects of preconditioning. Activation of LIFR/gp130 signaling by a single injection of the ligand Cilliary Neurotrophic Factor, CNTF, was sufficient to trigger cardiomyocyte proliferation in the intact heart. In addition, CNTF induced other pro-regenerative processes, including expression of cardioprotective genes, activation of the epicardium, enhanced intramyocardial Collagen XII deposition and leucocyte recruitment. These effects were abrogated by the concomitant inhibition of the JAK/STAT activity. Mutation of the cntf gene suppressed the proliferative response of cardiomyocytes after thoracotomy. In the regenerating zebrafish heart, CNTF injection prior to ventricular cryoinjury improved the initiation of regeneration via reduced cell apoptosis and boosted cardiomyocyte proliferation. Our findings reveal the molecular effectors of preconditioning and demonstrate that exogenous CNTF exerts beneficial regenerative effects by rendering the heart more resilient to injury and efficient in activation of the proliferative programs.
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