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Introducing otree_tools : A powerful package to provide process data for attention, multitasking behavior and effort through tracking focus

  • 07.05.2019
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  • Journal of behavioral and experimental finance. - 2019, vol. 23, p. 75-83
English With the advent of online subject pools, conducting experiments outside thelaboratory has become more popular among the scientific community. Unlike the lab, online and field environments tend to be accompanied by a loss of control. In this article we introduce otree_tools, a concise yet powerful add-on for oTree (Chen et al., 2016).otree_tools provides novel ways by which to measure behaviors that are potentially important in the social sciences, such as attention, multitasking and effort. The software also features a novelmethod of tracking time through the identification of noise. We demonstrate the utility of otree_tools with the help of experimental evidence. The software substantially increases control of the environment. Moreover, the original metrics can be employed for innovative outcome variables, opening the avenue for new research opportunities.
Faculté des sciences économiques et sociales et du management
Département d'économie politique
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