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Intrusos en los iconos. Perspectivas comparativas sobre los retratos individuales en la iconografía sagrada

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  • Codex Aquilarensis. - 2017, vol. 33, p. 107-126
English The present article proposes some thoughts about the outcomes of recent research on the phenomenon once described by Andrew Martindale as the “intrusion of the secular”. This expression was meant to synthetically summarize the historical vicissitudes which, in the course of the Middle Ages, encouraged the laity to appropriate large portions of sacred space and decorate them with such visual markers as inscriptions, coats-of-arms, and portraits. Such signs were intended to record the association of single church parts with either individuals or family groups. This phenomenon was largely the outcome of a new religious sensibility, which manifested itself via the testamentary patronage of works of art and its use as a strategy to promote and enhance the soul’s sake of single individuals (pro remedio animae). In this sense, questions are raised here as to both the advantages and limitations of the hermeneutic tools used by art historians in analysing the representations of individuals which came to be exhibited in Medieval sacred spaces.
Faculté des lettres et des sciences humaines
Département d'histoire de l'art et d'archéologie
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