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Seeing is better than believing: visualization of membrane transport in plants

  • Geisler, Markus Department of Biology, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Published in:
  • Current Opinion in Plant Biology. - 2018, vol. 46, p. 104–112
English Recently, the plant transport field has shifted their research focus toward a more integrative investigation of transport networks thought to provide the basis for long- range transport routes. Substantial progress was provided by of a series of elegant techniques that allow for a visualization or prediction of substrate movements in plant tissues in contrast to established quantitative methods offering low spatial resolution. These methods are critically evaluated in respect to their spatio-temporal resolution, invasiveness, dynamics and overall quality. Current limitations of transport route predictions-based on transporter locations and transport modeling are addressed. Finally, the potential of new tools that have not yet been fully implemented into plant research is indicated.
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Biological sciences
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