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Does the territoriality principle work in practice? : The principle’s applicability to the Romansh area in the Swiss Canton of Grisons

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  • Methods in Contemporary Linguistics / Ender, Andrea ; Leemann, Adrian ; Wälchli, Bernhard. - De Gruyter Mouton. - 2012, p. 463-486
English The present paper addresses the question of territoriality with reference to the Swiss minority language Romansh, taking account of the contributions of jurists who were dealing with the legal situation in Switzerland and showing the importance of the principle in the common perception of the national languages of Switzerland. Furthermore, insights from a philosopher, Philippe Van Parijs, who has been contributing to a conception of hierarchy between languages, are considered. Concerning the Romansh area, the efforts that have been made to enshrine the territoriality principle in the legislation are outlined and sociolinguistic data are included in order to verify the suitability of conceptions and solutions proposed by the authors cited.
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Département de plurilinguisme et didactique des langues étrangères
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