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Nonthermal switching of charge order: Dynamical slowing down and optimal control

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  • Physical Review B. - 2018, vol. 97, no. 15, p. 155136
English We investigate the laser-induced dynamics of electronically driven charge-density- wave (CDW) order. A comprehensive mean-field analysis of the attractive Hubbard model in the weak-coupling regime reveals ultrafast switching and ultrafast melting of the order via a nonthermal pathway. The resulting nonequilibrium phase diagram exhibits multiple distinct regimes of the order parameter dynamics upon increasing field strength, indicative of multiple dynamical phase transitions. Using an intuitive pseudospin picture, we show how the distinct dynamical regimes can be connected to the spin precession angle. We furthermore study the effects of electron-electron interactions beyond mean field to show that the main features of the phase diagram are robust against scattering or thermalization processes. For example, the nonthermal state with switched order is characterized by a particularly slow relaxation. The nonthermal phases can be stabilized by tailoring the pulse shape with optimal control theory. We also demonstrate how the dynamics allows to distinguish an electron-electron interaction driven CDW from an electron-phonon interaction driven CDW.
Faculté des sciences et de médecine
Département de Physique
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