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Floquet prethermalization in the resonantly driven Hubbard model

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  • EPL (Europhysics Letters). - 2017, vol. 120, no. 5, p. 57001
English We demonstrate the existence of long-lived prethermalized states in the Mott insulating Hubbard model driven by periodic electric fields. These states, which also exist in the resonantly driven case with a large density of photo-induced doublons and holons, are characterized by a nonzero current and an effective temperature of the doublons and holons which depends sensitively on the driving condition. Focusing on the specific case of resonantly driven models whose effective time-independent Hamiltonian in the high-frequency driving limit corresponds to noninteracting fermions, we show that the time evolution of the double occupation can be reproduced by the effective Hamiltonian, and that the prethermalization plateaus at finite driving frequency are controlled by the next-to-leading–order correction in the high-frequency expansion of the effective Hamiltonian. We propose a numerical procedure to determine an effective Hubbard interaction that mimics the correlation effects induced by these higher-order terms.
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