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Portolano sacro. Santuari e immagini sacre lungo le rotte di navigazione del Mediterraneo tra tardo Medioevo e prima età moderna

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  • The Miraculous Image in the Middle Ages and Renaissance / Thunø, E. ; Wolf, G.. - 2004, p. 223-248
English This paper investigates an hitherto neglected aspect of late Medieval devotion, which was connected with the peculiar expressions of piety of the seepeople. The coast lines of the late Medieval Mediterranean were dotted with a large number of shrines which corresponded to safe places and repairs along the navigation routes. A specific litany was worked out in order to invoke the appearance of such places on the horizon when the ships were lost in the sea. The reconstruction and publication of such a list allows us herewith to understand this very articulated, transnational and transconfessional cultic topography.
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