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Liposome‐containing mechanoresponsive hydrogels

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  • Macromolecular Materials and Engineering. - 2017, vol. 302, no. 5, p. 1600549
English The direct injection of a drug into a joint can relieve osteoarthritic pain for a short period of time. The problem is that the drug will not stay at the allocated location. Therefore, a proof-of-concept in situ is designed forming hydrogel containing liposomes that are covalently linked to the hydrogel network. When the liposomes are filled with a cargo, the formed hydrogel is thus loaded with this cargo, too. Due to the link between the hydrogel and the liposomes, a compression or other mechanical force applied to the hydrogel will rupture the liposomes and release a small percentage of the cargo. Overall, a long-term intra-articular drug release is feasible.
Faculté des sciences et de médecine
Département de Chimie
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Biological sciences
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