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English This documentation wants to be a "user manual" for the N-light-N framework. The goal is not only to introduce the framework but also to provide enough information such that one can start modifying and upgrading it after reading this document. This document is divided into five chapters. The main purpose of Chapter 1 is to introduce into our notation and formulation. It refers to further literature for deeper introductions into the theory. Chapter 2 gives quick-start information allowing to start using the framework in an extremely short time. Chapter 3 provides an overview of the framework's architecture. Interactions among different entities are explained and the main work flow is provided. Chapter 4 explains how to write a custom XML script for the framework. Proper usage of all implemented commands is described. Finally, Chapter 6 explains how to extend the framework by creating your own script commands, layers (encoder/decoder), and autoencoders. Having read both Chapters 3 and 6 before starting to extend the framework is extremely recommended. As the framework will evolve, this documentation should be kept up-to-date.
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