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Master and servant: Regulation of auxin transporters by FKBPs and cyclophilins

  • Geisler, Markus University of Fribourg, Department of Biology, Plant Biology Unit, Switzerland
  • Bailly, Aurélien University of Zurich, Institute of Plant Biology, Switzerland
  • Ivanchenko, Maria Oregon State University, Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, Corvallis, USA
Published in:
  • Plant Science. - 2016, vol. 245, p. 1–10
English Plant development and architecture are greatly influenced by the polar distribution of the essential hormone auxin. The directional influx and efflux of auxin from plant cells depends primarily on AUX1/LAX, PIN, and ABCB/PGP/MDR families of auxin transport proteins. The functional analysis of these proteins has progressed rapidly within the last decade thanks to the establishment of heterologous auxin transport systems. Heterologous co-expression allowed also for the testing of protein–protein interactions involved in the regulation of transporters and identified relationships with members of the FK506-Binding Protein (FKBP) and cyclophilin protein families, which are best known in non-plant systems as cellular receptors for the immunosuppressant drugs, FK506 and cyclosporin A, respectively. Current evidence that such interactions affect membrane trafficking, and potentially the activity of auxin transporters is reviewed. We also propose that FKBPs andcyclophilins might integrate the action of auxin transport inhibitors, such as NPA, on members of the ABCB and PIN family, respectively. Finally, we outline open questions that might be useful for further elucidation of the role of immunophilins as regulators (servants) of auxin transporters (masters).
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Biological sciences
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