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Interaction quench in the Holstein model: Thermalization crossover from electron- to phonon-dominated relaxation

  • Murakami, Yuta Department of Physics, University of Tokyo, Hongo, Japan
  • Werner, Philipp Department of Physics, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
  • Tsuji, Naoto Department of Physics, University of Tokyo, Hongo, Japan
  • Aoki, Hideo Department of Physics, University of Tokyo, Hongo, Japan
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Published in:
  • Physical Review B. - 2015, vol. 91, no. 4, p. 045128
English We study the relaxation of the Holstein model after a sudden switch-on of the interaction by means of the nonequilibrium dynamical mean field theory, with the self-consistent Migdal approximation as an impurity solver. We show that there exists a qualitative change in the thermalization dynamics as the interaction is varied in the weak-coupling regime. On the weaker interaction side of this crossover, the phonon oscillations are damped more rapidly than the electron thermalization time scale, as determined from the relaxation of the electron momentum distribution function. On the stronger interaction side, the relaxation of the electrons becomes faster than the phonon damping. In this regime, despite long-lived phonon oscillations, a thermalized momentum distribution is realized temporarily. The origin of the “thermalization crossover” found here is traced back to different behaviors of the electron and phonon self-energies as a function of the electron-phonon coupling. In addition, the importance of the phonon dynamics is demonstrated by comparing the self-consistent Migdal results with those obtained with a simpler Hartree-Fock impurity solver that neglects the phonon self-energy. The latter scheme does not properly describe the evolution and thermalization of isolated electron-phonon systems.
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