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Patho-genetics of Clostridium chauvoei

  • Frey, Joachim Institute of Veterinary Bacteriology, University of Bern, Länggasstrasse 122, 3001 Bern, Switzerland
  • Falquet, Laurent Biochemistry Unit, Dept. of Biology, University of Fribourg and Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Fribourg, Switzerland
Published in:
  • Research in Microbiology. - 2015, vol. 166, no. 4, p. 384-392
English The genomic sequence of Clostridium chauvoei, the etiological agent of blackleg, a severe disease of ruminants with high mortality specified by a myonecrosis reveals a chromosome of 2.8 million base-pairs and a cryptic plasmid of 5.5 kilo base-pairs. The chromosome contains the main pathways like glycolysis/gluconeogenesis, sugar metabolism, purine and pyrimidine metabolisms, but the notable absence of genes of the citric acid cycle and deficient or partially deficient amino acid metabolism for Histidine, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, and Tryptophan. These essential amino acids might be acquired from host tissue damage caused by various toxins and by protein metabolism that includes 57 genes for peptidases, and several ABC transporters for amino acids import.
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