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Partial cross sections for dissociative electron attachment to tetrahydrofuran reveal a dynamics-driven rich fragmentation pattern

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  • International Journal of Mass Spectrometry. - 2014, vol. 365–366, p. 163–168
English We report partial absolute cross sections for dissociative electron attachment (DEA) to tetrahydrofuran C₄H₈O. The high sensitivity of the present setup, quantitative DEA spectrometer with time-of-flight analyzer, led to identification of a number of previously unreported fragments (CH₂⁻, OH⁻, CHO⁻, C₄H₅O⁻, C₃H₃⁻) thus revealing complex dissociation dynamics of the involved resonant states. The chemical composition of fragment anions was assigned by experiments with completely deuterated tetrahydrofuran. We also show that the dominant heavy anionic fragment with m/z = 41 is C₃H₅⁻ anion rather than C₂HO⁻ as reported in the previous studies, in spite of the fact that formation of the latter one is energetically more favorable. The dynamics on the resonant state is thus more decisive for the reaction outcome than the asymptotic energetics. The assignment of resonances and their dynamic pathways is discussed by using comparison with recent complementary experiments that characterize electronic states of neutral and ionic tetrahydrofuran.
Faculté des sciences et de médecine
Département de Chimie
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