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Ethnic Minorities in the Mass Media : How Migrants Perceive Their Representation in Swiss Public Television

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  • Migration & Integration. - 2011, vol. 12, p. 411-428
English Communication research highlights deficiencies in the media’s representation of migrants. The study at hand analyzes these deficiencies from the perspective of the migrants concerned: How do they perceive their representation in the media, especially on television? And how do they assess the perceived situation with regard to immigrant integration? This topic has been examined in a qualitative pilot study based on six group discussions amongst migrants and Swiss citizens with an immigration background in the German-, French-, and Italian-speaking parts of Switzerland. The results show a high discrepancy between the desire for more presence and participation on the one hand, and the wish to stand in the spotlight less often, on the other hand.
Faculté des sciences économiques et sociales et du management
Département des sciences de la communication et des médias
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Information, communication and media sciences
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