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Reexamination of M2,3 atomic level widths and L1M2,3 transition energies of elements 69≤Z≤95

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  • Physical Review A. - 2014, vol. 88, no. 5, p. 052506
English We report on high-resolution measurements of the photoinduced L1M2 and L1M3 x-ray emission lines of 69Tm, 70Yb, 71Lu, 73Ta, 74W, 75Re, 77Ir, 81Tl, 83Bi, and 95Am. From the linewidths of the measured transitions an accurate set of M2 and M3 level widths is determined assuming for the L1 level widths the values reported by Raboud [P.-A. Raboud et al., Phys. Rev. A 65, 022512 (2002)]. Furthermore, the present experimental M2,3 data set is extended to 80Hg, 90Th, and 92U, using former L1M2,3 high-resolution x-ray emission spectroscopy measurements performed by our group. A detailed comparison of the M2 and M3 level widths determined in the present work with those recommended by Campbell and Papp [J. L. Campbell and T. Papp, At. Data Nucl. Data Tables 77, 1 (2001)] and other available experimental data as well as theoretical predictions is done. The observed abrupt changes of the M2,3 level widths versus atomic number Z can be explained satisfactorily by the cutoffs and onsets of the M2M4N1, respectively M3M4N3,4,5 and M3M5N2,3 Coster-Kronig transitions deduced from the semiempirical (Z+1) approximation. As a spin-off result of this study, precise L1M2 and L1M3 transition energies are obtained for the investigated elements. A very good agreement with transition energies calculated within the many-body perturbation theory is found.
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