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The Ecclesial Fruit of the Eucharist in St. Thomas Aquinas

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  • Nova et Vetera, English Edition. - 2004, vol. 2, no. 1, p. 43-60
English French The theology of St. Thomas Aquinas bears witness to a profound connection between the Eucharist and the Church, which his theology takes into consideration at every level on which he analyzes this sacrament, namely under the aspects of its signification (signum), of its first effect (res et sacramentum), and of its last effect (res tantum: the unity of the Church). La théologie de Thomas d'Aquin montre une profonde connexion entre l'Eucharistie et l'Eglise. Cette connexion apparaît à tous les niveaux de l'analyse du sacrement: sa signification (signum), son premier effet (res et sacramentum) et son effet final (res tantum: l'unité de l'Eglise).
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Département des Sciences de la foi et des religions, Philosophie
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