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Anthostomella and related Xylariaceous fungi on hard wood from Europe and North America

  • Rappaz, François Institut de Botanique Systématique, Université de Lausanne, Suisse
Published in:
  • Mycologia Helvetica. - 1995, vol. 7, p. 99–168
English Material of species classified in Anthostomella, Anthostoma and Leptomassaria, collected on hard wood from Europe and North America, have been studied. Anamorphic data have also been taken into account. The species have been grouped by average linkage clustering. They are keyed out and classified in five xylariaceous genera: Anthostomella, Leptomassaria, Helicogermslita, Lopadostoma subgenus Anthostomopsis (subgenus nov.) and Barrmaelia (gen.nov). One new species is proposed: Barrmaelia rhamnicola. Five species are transferred to Anthostomella: Sphaeria anserina Pers., Anthostoma foveolare Sacc. & Berl., Sphaeria diderma Schw., A. ambiguum Fabre, A. urophorum Sacc. & Speg. Sphaeria unedonis De Not. is transferred to Leptomassaria. Sphaeria polynesia Berk.& Curtis, Anthostoma saprophilum Ellis & Everh. and A. flavoviride Ellis & Holwayare transferred to Lopadostoma sub. gen. Anthostomopsis. Six species aretransferred to Barrmaelia: Eutypa moravica Petr., Valsa macrospora Nitschke, Sphaeria oxyacanthae Mont., Shaeria sustenta Plowr., Rosellinia pseudobombarda Sacc., Sphaeria picacea Cooke & Ellis. Sphaeria altipeta Peck is transferred to Apiorhynchostoma; Rosellinia catacrypta Rehm to Phaeosporis, Anthostoma ferruginea Nitschke to Pseudovalsaria, Amphisphaeria hederae Fuckel to Lepteutypa, Sphaeria phyllireae Mont. to Biscogniauxia, Leptomassaria americana Petr. to Rosellinia.
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