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Enhanced electrochemical performance of <30 nm thin LiMnPO4 nanorods with a reduced amount of carbon as a cathode for lithium ion batteries

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  • Electrochimica Acta. - 2012, vol. 69, p. 38-44
English 5–10 nm thin rod shaped LiMnPO₄ nanoparticles are synthesized by an improved thermal decomposition method. The synthesis parameters such as the concentration of surfactants, reaction temperature and time, as well as the presence of a solvent play a critical role in the formation of spherical, thin or thick nanorods, and needle-shaped particles of LiMnPO₄. A washing procedure to efficiently eliminate the surfactants attached to the surface of LiMnPO₄ nanoparticles is presented, avoiding thermal treatment at high temperatures. A nanocomposite LiMnPO₄ electrode provides a discharge capacity of 165 mAh/g at 1/40 C and 66 mAh/g at 1 C with only 10 wt% of total carbon additive. The characteristics of as-synthesized and low amount of carbon coated LiMnPO₄ are described as well as their electrochemical properties.
Faculté des sciences et de médecine
Département de Chimie
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