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Tetraethylene glycol adducts of alkaline earth halides

  • Gschwind, Fabienne Department of Chemistry, University of Fribourg, Switzerland - Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Fromm, Katharina M. Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart, Germany
Published in:
  • Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie. - 2011, vol. 637, no. 12, p. 1871–1879
English Reaction of commercially available tetraethylene glycol with different alkaline earth metal halides affords tetraethylene glycol complexes with different coordination numbers at the metal ion and structural features; depending on the ionic radius of the metal ion, one or two ligand molecules will be coordinated to the metal ion. In this article we will first present complexes with Mg²⁺([Mg(C₈H₁₈O₅)(H₂O)₂]Cl·I) (1), Ca²⁺([Ca(C₈H₁₈O₅)·3H₂O]Cl₂ (2), [Ca(C₈H₁₈O₅)(H₂O)₂]I₂ (3), [Ca(C₈H₁₈O₅)(H₂O)₃]I₂·H₂O (4), ([Ca(C₈H₁₈O₅)(H₂O)₃]Cl·I) (5),Sr²⁺ ([Sr(C₈H₁₈O₅)(H₂O)₄]Cl₂ (6), [Sr(C₈H₁₈O₅)₂]I₂·CHCl₃) (7) and Ba²⁺ ([Ba(C₈H₁₈O₅)₂]I₂) (8). Secondly we will show preliminary tests for the combustion of some selected compounds and their thermal decomposition behavior. Furthermore, selected compounds were evaporated by MOCVD (metal organic chemical vapor deposition) to evaluate their capacity as future single source precursors for oxide materials.
Faculté des sciences et de médecine
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