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A portable double-slit quantum eraser with individual photons

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  • European Journal of Physics. - 2011, vol. 32, no. 6, p. 1535
English The double-slit experiment has played an important role in physics, from supporting the wave theory of light, via the discussions of the wave–particle duality of light (and matter) to the foundations of modern quantum optics. Today it keeps playing an active role in the context of quantum optics experiments involving single photons. In this paper, we present a truly portable double-slit apparatus which demonstrates both the wave–particle duality of light and the phenomenon of quantum erasing. The device can be operated either with strong laser light and screen projection, or with individual photons, in which case quantum interference and quantum erasing are detected by a photomultiplier whose pulses are rendered acoustically by means of a loudspeaker. Alternatively, the phenomena can be displayed using multimedia projection of oscilloscope traces.
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