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Successful joint ventures of plants: arbuscular mycorrhiza and beyond

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  • Trends in Plant Science. - 2011, vol. 16, no. 7, p. 356-362
English Among the oldest symbiotic associations of plants are arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) with fungi of the phylum Glomeromycota. Although many of the symbiotic signaling components have been identified on the side of the plant, AM fungi have long evaded genetic analysis owing to their strict biotrophy and their exceptional genetics. Recently, the identification of the fungal symbiosis signal (Myc factor) and of a corresponding Myc factor receptor, and new insights into AM fungal genetics, have opened new avenues to address early communication and functional aspects of AM symbiosis. These advances will pave the way for breeding programs towards adapted AM fungi for crop production, and will shed light on the ecology and evolution of this remarkably successful symbiosis.
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