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Successful diversification strategies of electricity companies: An explorative empirical study on the success of different diversification strategies of German electricity companies in the wake of the European market liberalization

  • Müller, Ralf KPMG, Switzerland
  • Steinert, Martin International Institute of Management in Technology, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
  • Teufel, Stephanie International Institute of Management in Technology, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Published in:
  • Energy Policy. - 2008, vol. 36, no. 1, p. 398-412
English Based on the EC directive 96/92, the liberalization of electricity markets is forcing electricity companies, to rethink their product and market strategy. However, neither the level of the initiated diversification efforts of former monopolies, nor their direction or their success are known or have been analyzed before. Therefore, Müller [2006. Diversifikationsstrategien von Stromversorgungsunternehmen: Handlungsempfehlungen für schweizerische Stromversorgungsunternehmen auf der Basis einer empirischen Analyse des liberalisierten deutschen Strommarktes. IIMT University Press, Fribourg] has quantitatively determined the extent and direction of the diversification efforts in the electricity sector. Additionally, based on an exploratory case study research, successful diversification strategies have been identified and incorporated into 73 observations which form the basis of a set of normative recommendations for diversifying electricity companies. Since the analyses are based on the German electricity market, which fully liberalized earlier than most of its continental European counterparts, the results may especially guide other European electricity companies in their strategic diversification decisions. This paper publishes both the quantitative analysis on the degree and extents of diversification (sample time frame 1995–2000) as well as the qualitative analysis on the success of diversification strategies (sample time frame 1995–2003). Additionally, based on the obtained explorative observations, the diversification strategy of an idealized-electricity company is firstly presented for practitioners as normative recommendation, and secondly for academics, as starting point for future quantitative analysis framework.
Faculté des sciences économiques et sociales et du management
Institut international de management en technologie
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