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Inelastic x-ray scattering in the vicinity of xenon L₃ edge

  • Žitnik, M. J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Kavcic, M. J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Bucar, K. J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Mihelic, A. J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Štuhec, M. J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Kokalj, J. J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Szlachetko, Jakub Physics Department, University of Fribourg, Switzerland - Swietokrzyska Academy, Institute of Physics, Kielce, Poland
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Published in:
  • Physical Review A. - 2007, vol. 76, p. 032506
English A series of x-ray emission spectra of xenon in the region of LM 5,4(Lα1,2) and LN5,4 (Lβ2,15) lines were recorded along the polarization direction of the incoming photons with energies ranging from 4779.4 to 4804.4 eV. A combination of monochromatic photon beam and high resolution x-ray spectrometer resulted in the experimental broadening of 1 eV allowing the observation of resonantly enhanced and narrowed emission lines from the decay of [2p3/2]n d,ns states. The measured spectra are decomposed into the continuum and resonant contributions to determine their relative emission strengths and the energies of the lowest resonant excitations converging to the L₃ edge. The calculated differential cross section for inelastically scattered photons is compared to the measured data. Each of the resonant states is described by a single relativistic configuration in the frame of the Dirac-Fock model, and the continuum contribution to the scattered light is evaluated within the Caldwell-Zare approach, which neglects anisotropic interaction of the ejected electron with the ion.
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