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Web branding at Vietnamese manufacturing enterprises


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Thèse de doctorat: Université de Fribourg, 2007

English The research stream on Website quality has evolved in recent years. Although several research issues have been addressed, there remain gaps in literature about the facilitators of Website as a brand. Therefore, the general purpose of this study is to identify, describe and analyze factors that have had an impact on customer awareness and loyalty to a Website. Based on the literature review, a theoretical model and hypotheses have been developed. The research has incorporated the concepts of AIPDB (which stands for the five strategic functions of a Website: Attract, Inform, Position, Deliver and Building relationships) into the model and proposed to be tested the potential effects on the formation of Web awareness and loyalty. Data was collected from 477 Internet users through a survey in Vietnam. It was first used to assess and refine the measurement scales through factor analysis. Then it was used to validate the model through the multiple regression equation. Based on the statistics derived, test of hypotheses were undertaken and the results were discussed. A single case study was also investigated to illustrate the Web branding practice at the local pharmaceutical company, the Traphaco. The key findings of this research show that the Website as a brand serves as an invitation and gives the audience a reason to visit the Website. The information quality, site appearance, download speed and personalization are the critical success factors that significantly impact loyalty to a Website. However, Vietnamese manufacturers in general and the Traphaco in particular implement few marketing activities both online and offline to attract visitors to their sites and encourage them to come back. This research has bridged gaps in existing theory in several ways. First, it focuses on the marketing communication function of Web branding, an important issue which has not yet been thoroughly researched. Secondly, it provides an integrative conceptual model for examining the determinants of customer awareness and loyalty towards the Websites of manufacturers. It helps explain and predict the determinants for the acquisition of Web awareness and loyalty. The research also contributes the new measurement scales as well as suggesting effective ways to build Web branding potential. This research is the first endeavor to comprehensively examine and test the determinants of Web branding in the Vietnamese e-business context. Findings of this research add to the growing evidence suggesting that Web marketing communication and Web design interface are the prominent keys to achieve the high Web performance as a brand. This research provides a Web branding framework to further research customer awareness and loyalty to a Website effectively.
Faculté des sciences économiques et sociales et du management
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