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Multiple ionization effects in x-ray emission induced by heavy ions

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  • Brazilian Journal of Physics. - 2006, vol. 36, no. 2B, p. 546-549
English The x-ray satellite structure of Pd Lalpha1,2(L3M4,5) transition excited by an impact of O7+ and Ne6+ ions with energies 279 and 178 MeV, respectively, which were measured using a high-resolution von Hamos crystal spectrometer, is discussed in terms of the multi-configuration Dirac-Fock (MCDF) calculations. We demonstrate, by using the arguments of the general central limit theorem (GCLT), that a structure of complex M-shell satellites of Pd Lalpha1,2(M-m) transitions for a higher number of spectator vacancies (m > 4), which consists of hundreds of thousands of individual x-ray transitions as obtained from the MCDF calculations, can be well described by a single Voigtian profile. The Lorentzian width of such Voigtian line can be well modeled by using the results of the MCDF calculations for simpler configurations with a number of vacancies m < 4 . This method allows one to describe realistically a complex structure of M-shell satellites, thus extending the applicability of the MCDF calculations, which are limited by an increasing complexity of numerical calculations.
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