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Muon capture by ³He nuclei followed by proton and deuteron production

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  • Physical Review A. - 2004, vol. 69, p. 012712-12727
English The paper describes an experiment aimed at studying muon capture by He nuclei in pure ³He and D₂+³He mixtures at various densities. Energy distributions of protons and deuterons produced via µ₋+³He-->p + n + n + νµ and µ₋+³He-->d + n + νµ are measured for the energy intervals 10–49 MeV and 13–31 MeV, respectively. Muon capture rates lambdacapp(ΔEp) and lambdacapd(ΔEd) are obtained using two different analysis methods. The least-squares methods give lambdacapp = (36.7±1.2) s–1, lambdacapd = (21.3±1.6) s–1. The Bayes theorem gives lambdacapp = (36.8±0.8) s–1, lambdacapd = (21.9±0.6) s–1. The experimental differential capture rates, dlambdacapp(Ep)/dEp and dlambdacapd(Ed)/dEd, are compared with theoretical calculations performed using the plane-wave impulse approximation with the realistic nearest-neighbor interaction Bonn B potential. Extrapolation to the full energy range yields total proton and deuteron capture rates in good agreement with former results
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