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Commerce international, progrès technologique et chômage naturel : le cas de la Suisse

  • Zanetti, Attilio
  • Gaudard, Gaston (degree supervisor)
  • Friboulet, Jean-Jacques (degree supervisor)

xiv, 187 p

Thèse de doctorat: Université de Fribourg , 2000

English In 1991 Switzerland entered a period of recession. The economic slowdown led to an unexpectedly steep rise in unemployment. In February 1997, the unemployment rate peaked at 5.7% - the highest level since the 1930s -, up from 0.5% in 1990. For the first time in its recent history the country had to deal with a significant level of unemployment. It soon became clear that the abrupt rise in... Show more…
Faculté des sciences économiques et sociales
  • French
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